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Aquarius – Self Control

The 11th sign of the Zodiac is AThe 11th sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. It begins the cycle in mid-winter in the Aquarius season. They are the sign considered to be the most humanitarian, and are revolutionary thinkers. Aquarius supports the Power of the People, since they want to change the world via social development and progress.

Generally, every Aquarius person is a rebel at heart. This sign is also known for their self control, an attitude present in a Samurai as well. Both individuals ensure that they act accordingly no matter the situation. If faced with hardships, the Samurai and Aquarius will maintain self control and handle the situation smartly and accordingly.

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Aquarius Symbol

The symbol of an Aquarian is the water bearer who gives precious liquid as a present. Like the bearer, an Aquarius showers everyone with their new ideas and thoughts. It’s a good thing that this sign is close to genius level, so they can really come up with amazing ideas. Another characteristic of the water bearer is rectitude. Like the Samurai warrior, an Aquarius is logical and fair. They care about others and their welfare, hence, their dreams of changing the world for the better.

One popular Samurai defines this, “Rectitude is the person’s ability to decide on a course of conduct. This is according to reason without wavering. Die when the time is right; strike at the perfect time.”

Greatest Challenges

There are times when Aquarius appears uncaring and insensitive. It’s as if they care nothing about individual relationships that are present. The people under this sign have a high value system that regularly prioritize the people who needs it the most. At times, this system puts their loved ones in a lurch. To avoid such issues with others, an Aquarius needs clear communication.

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Aquarius and the Samurai

One aspect of the Samurai Bushido that is similar to an Aquarius is Jisei. It means character and self-control, so the Samurai adheres to the code no matter what. The Bushido teaches that one should behave accordingly, and to an outright moral standard. It should also transcend logic. The difference between bad and good, right and wrong, are all given and not considered as arguments. With that, a person must know these differences.

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Jisei in Aquarius

Just like with Jisei, they exhibit cool headed logic and rational reasoning. It is an attitude of theirs that influences others to have self-control. This is where an Aquarius is similar to the Samurai since the warriors need self-control at all times. No matter where they are and what the situation is.

An Aquarius will accomplish a lot of things with their logical and broad minds. They wholly entertain scientific and complex ideas for the betterment of everything. With that, the personality of an Aquarius is inventive and artistic.

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