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Libra Symbol

Libra has the symbol of the scales. With that, the balance aims to stay even, leaving the sign equal on all aspects. This is like the Scales of Justice and how it works – aiming for the right balance.

This sign is objective and want to do what’s best and right for all. This liking of fairness is important to the sign since they abhor conflict. People born under Libra take the time to study every possible angle to achieve harmony and peace.

Like the Samurai warrior, a Libra wants what’s best for everyone because they are just and fair. Both of them value justice and righteousness at all times.

Greatest Challenges

Libras are great when it comes to making others happy. But what use is this if they themselves feel unfulfilled? This is a big challenge of this sign. This is despite them symbolizing the scales that display balance and equality.

They at times, ignore what they desire in favor of what makes others happy. This is one habit that usually backfires in the longer run.

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Libra and the Samurai

The sense of honor was a virtue of the Bushido that characterized a Samurai. It is also a trait present in Libras. Honor is a powerful consciousness of worth and dignity. And the Samurai was bred and born to value his privileges and duties. The Samurai feared disgrace. If their actions disgraced their lords or family, an honorable Samurai would face death without fear.

Libras are similar in this manner. They feared disgrace just as much, and would avoid this at all costs. If they bring shame upon their family or leaders, Libras would feel remorse for their actions. The sign would also do their best to make amends for their misdoings.

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Libra – Harmony and Balance

The 7th sign of the zodiac is Libra, and those born under the sign have similar characteristics as the Samurai. Both are focused on having harmony and balance in their lives.

Libra is an Air sign represented by the scales which links a Libra’s focus on unity and equity. The sign is very obsessed with symmetry, and they strive to establish equilibrium.

Those born under Libra are fair, peaceful, and hate being alone. Partnership is vital for Libras, and like their symbol, are much fascinated by balance. They continue to chase for equality and justice in life – things that a Samurai aim for as well.

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Respect in Libra

The Samurai diligently follows the Bushido. It teaches them to be honest at all times, especially when dealing with others. Libras are just as honest, remaining tactful and honest in different situations.

This displays their respectfulness towards others. It also establishes what’s just and right. These are characteristics seen both in a Libra and Samurai that links with Courage and Rectitude.

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