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Capricorn – Loyal and Hardworking

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the twelve zodiacs. People under this sign are born between the 22nd of December and the 29th of January. It is the third Earth element that goes after Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn symbolizes balance, stability, and wisdom. Those graced by this sign are stoic, practical, independent, and ambitious.

Time and responsibility are the things that Capricorn represents. These individuals are often traditional and very serious. They are independent, which allows them to gain significant personal and professional progress. They are experts in self-control and are great leaders as well. This is because Capricorns are capable of making realistic and solid plans.

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Capricorn Symbol

Capricorns are also symbolized as the Goat. It is often considered as agile and sure-footed. Their own space is where they find security. Goats may be slow, but they’re sure know how to climb and reach the top.

Like the Samurai, they may wait for some time, but they act at the right moment. They do not rush into an attack, but do this at a perfect time to ensure that they achieve their goals. This is how Capricorns work towards their success. A high level of strength of character is also linked with this Zodiac sign.

Greatest Challenges

The challenge for the Capricorn is that they tend to become pessimists. This is because they consider it a challenge to go against the odds. No matter what their achievements are, they still think they’re underachievers.

This is why they are extremely hard on themselves; the bad thing is they become this way to others as well. They tend to see one narrow way of achieving something. WIth that, broadening their views can be helpful to them and others.

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Capricorn and the Samurai

Loyalty is one of the most essential virtues of a true Samurai. They display great devotion and faithfulness to their masters. They also show their devotion to those under their protection. A Capricorn’s single-minded loyalty is unswerving, and can never be questioned.

Like the Samurai, the Capricorn has a lot of self-control. In the Bushido, this teaches one to behave properly based on a moral standard. It should transcend logic as well. What is right is right, and wrong is wrong. Also, one should know the difference between good and bad. It is considered as basic knowledge to be able to differentiate such.

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Chugi in Capricorn

The Samurai remained loyal even if it meant meeting their early death. Countless warriors sacrificed their lives to defend their masters. These were people whom they pledged their loyalty to. Just like the Samurai, Capricorns are loyal. Knowing them better is something enjoyable. Aside from loyalty, Capricorns displayed great honor like the Samurai. This is what makes others respect them a lot. The Bushido deals with Samurai and battles. It also describes honor in a non-martial manner.

Honor is a kind of consciousness of dignity and worth. Something that exhibits the attitude of a Capricorn and Samurai. These individuals were born and trained to give importance to their work.

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