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Taurus – Trustworthy and Honesty

Taurus is second of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Their cycle begins in mid spring, every year, between April 20 to May 20. This is known as the Taurus season.People born under this sign have the aspects of a Samurai warrior. They are practical, reliable, strong-willed, ambitious, and very loyal. These people also have an eye for beauty, and tend to be good with finances. This makes them excellent financial managers in the field.

Taurus people are well-grounded, practical, and feel the need to be surrounded by beauty & love. Thus, are often focused on the material world and physical pleasures. People born under Taurus are tactile and sensual, where touch and taste are the most vital of all the senses. Conservative and stable, they are among the most dependable signs of the zodiac. Plus, Taurus are ready to sustain and stick to their choices until they reach personal satisfaction.

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Taurus Symbol

A Taurus is hardworking and persistent like their symbol, the bull. Once they set their goals on something, they will manage to get this done, even if obstacles appear. This is another characteristic of a Taurus that is similar to the Samurai. Both are determined, diligent, and dedicated to their work.

Greatest Challenges

The Taurus people are hardworking, but they are lazy too. This attitude is possible, since the bull is so driven by their personal compass, they’re sometimes challenged in moving to complete other’s demands. This can often lead to difficult times while at work.

With this challenge, it is a great lesson for Taureans to consider the viewpoints of others.

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Taurus and the Samurai

Just like a Taurus, a Samurai maintains integrity to practice the other principles of the Bushido. Integrity is Makoto in the Bushido, and it is to live sincerely and honestly. One should be true to the actions they display and the words they speak. To be an honest person, follow the rules of the universe. This is an attitude of both the Samurai and a Taurus This was vital in the feudal period, hence, was diligently followed by the Samurai. This attitude is also present in a Taurus, since they are greatly committed to their work and loved ones.

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Honor and Self-Control in Taurus

Honor and self-control are present in both the Samurai warrior and a Taurus. Honor leaves one conscious of their dignity and worth, which is characterized by both individuals.

Due to their commitment to such an attitude, the Taurus and Samurai follow a popular adage, “real patience only means to bear the unbearable”. Following such is an honorable act for them, and it displays their loyalty to those important to them.

This is where patience and self-control comes in. The Bushido teaches one to have patience and to act accordingly at all times. For the Samurai, he should maintain self-control and patience despite experiencing something unbearable. It is to show his commitment and to also fulfill his duties.

TFor the Taurus, he or she is just as enduring. They would do anything and everything to reach their goals, even if they have to go through hardships. An attitude that is very similar to the Samurai.

Generally, a Taurus, like a true Samurai, is honest, truthful, and sincere, so everyone around relies greatly on them. With that, there is no room for insincerity and dishonesty for them.

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