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Virgo – Perfectionism

The 6th zodiac in the list is Virgo, an Earth sign. This sign is popular for their rule-abiding and nurturing behavior. Virgos are often paying attention even to the smallest details. Plus, their great sense of humanity makes them the most cautious signs around.

They are like the Samurai who were cautious yet pay great attention to those people around them. Both display a methodical approach in life to ensure that there’s nothing left to chance. Though cautious, the Samurai and Virgo are tender in certain ways.

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Virgo Symbol

This zodiac is a sign represented by the Virgin, yet the association is not taken literally. Most of all, this sign enjoys indulging in the logical and practical side. They also pore over all their projects to the highest degree.

Greatest Challenges

The desire of a Virgo to have everything perfect can cause frustrations. This is most evident when things do not turn out how they want it to be. Nor do these live up to their expectations. Occasionally, this attitude may lead to fights with partners or friends. Virgos need to learn how to go with the flow, accepting that at times, “good enough” results will suffice. A Samurai is this way too. Yet the frustrations of doing imperfect tasks would take its toll on themselves. This is most evident if they fail or disgrace their families or lord.

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Virgo and the Samurai

For a Samurai, all points of views are greatly considered. This is obvious when it comes to honesty, integrity, and justice. So when comparing a warrior to a Virgo, both of them makes full commitment to all the decisions they make.

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Righteousness in Virgo

The Virgo sign will go and think through everything before the come up with a decision. They dislike messing up which is why they consider everything before offering a solution to any issue.

Another similar aspect of a Virgo and the Samurai is their full commitment. A Virgo commits wholly to their decision, while the Samurai, to their lord.

Japan used to have a feudal system, so the lords expected full loyalty and obedience from their vassals. This sense of honor and loyalty was usually to the extremes when it comes to the Japanese. These warriors would even fight to their deaths to protect their master and his castle. For the Virgo, they would dedicate themselves and go to all lengths to achieve perfection in whatever they do.

Another similarity between the two is that they both practice rectitude. It is a vital trait for everyone especially during the Feudal Period.

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