The Fire Elements

The Fire element is generally linked to the Zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. As to be expected, those graced by this element are indeed, fiery. People under this tend to be enthusiastic and appear larger than life. When fire is left unattended, the signs can easily burn and go out of control. This is why it is best to tend and watch those embers.


Aries is the first sign in the astrological zodiac. Their time is when the Sun transits Aries from March 29 to April 21 every year.


Leo is the fifth sign in the Zodiac and comes after the sign, Cancer. It comes from the constellation of Leo, and is associated with the periods from July 23 to August 22.


The ninth astrological sign of the Zodiac is Sagittarius. Yearly, the Sun transits this sign from November 23 to December 21.

Characteristics of the Fire People

Aside from being fiery and sometimes, uncontrollable, those under Fire are very creative. The element manifests itself in unique and creative ways. With that, the signs under its glow and influence are truly courageous with lively spirits.
Not only that, but those under the element are self-sufficient. These people tend to become spontaneous, and have this huge zest for life.

The Great Influencers

The three Zodiacs linked to the element Fire have similar characteristics. Yet under this element, they too have other distinguishable traits that make them unique.

Fire Aries

Aries under the Fire element has great organizational skills. With that, it is rare to meet an Aries who cannot finish multiple things at once. And this is before the given deadline.

Yet despite this, their challenges appear when they start getting impatient. This also includes them becoming aggressive and start venting towards others.

Aries are people with strong personalities. They are those who fight for their goals, embracing teamwork and togetherness in this lifetime.

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Fire Leo

As one of the signs under the Fire element, Leos are warm-hearted people who love life and try to laugh & have fun. They can use their minds to solve the most difficult problems. And when doing so, they take initiative despite how complicated the issue is.

Leos seek self-awareness and are in continuous growth of ego. They know their personality and their wants. When they need something, it’s easy for them to ask for it. However, they can also unconsciously neglect others’ needs easily for personal gains.

A Leo’s weak point is when they get attached to their achievements and how others see them. This makes them an easy target for others to take down.

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Fire Sagittarius

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the third fire sign. Their enthusiasm can spread at wildfire at times, making others see it as scattered. Sagittarius is always out to experience everything life has to offer.They are bored with routines and seek adventure. Plus, they also love foreign things and outdoor activities.

People under this sign are generous and optimistic, but can also be excessive. They have a tendency to overindulge. They get too happy when they preach, philosophize, advertise, and when having an explanation of the big picture. Sagittarians believe in the power of laughter. They wouldn’t mind embarrassing themselves to make someone laugh.

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The Flip Side of the Element Fire

People who are touched by the fire are usually an inspiration to others. This is due to their adherence to strong morals and religious ideals.

If there is another side to this element, the fire people tend to be overly strident and focused in getting their way. Some may find them bossy, because they can come across as rather forceful at times. Another shadowy aspect of this feisty bunch is their selfishness.

They also have this overdeveloped ego which can be over the top at times. Generally, the Fire signs are strong, creative, self-assured, and fun. But when they get too hot, it is best to stand back.

Like the Warriors of History

Being fiery, confident, courageous, and even uncontrollable at times, the Samurai can reflect some characteristics of the Fire signs.


One of the main virtues of the Samurai is courage. As children, learning this was a requirement to develop their soul into that of a true Samurai. Honing themselves to be a Samurai was a long road. A step towards this path was to exercise great courage.

Like all warriors, the Samurai were brave. They also fought in battles to accomplish their duties, and doing so took a lot of courage.

Bravery and courage are not the same thing. Bravery means doing something despite being frightened. Showing courage means doing something that scares you because you know that it needs to be done. Courage is a form of bravery, but is not interchangeable.

Courage can be seen in Aries since they rule and lead with the head. They often walk ahead with speed and focus. They are brave and have no fear of risk and trials.

Their energy and strength are youthful no matter how old they are. They perform and quickly finish any task they receive. All these characteristics of the Aries reflects that of a true Samurai.


Another virtue in the Bushido code that can be compared to the Fire signs is Honor. This means having vivid awareness of self-worth and dignity. The Samurai was born, raised, and trained to value his duties and privileges.

Leos have high levels of energy and are always busy. This is the reason why they need to be employed at all times. They are ambitious and possess traits like creativity and optimism.

At work, they dedicate their heart and soul into this. They will do everything as long as it is right. This is a trait that can be compared to the honor of the Samurai.

A Sagittarius is enthusiastic, optimistic, and can easily adapt to change. Those born under the sign can turn their thoughts into solid and concrete actions.

Plus, they will do anything to reach and achieve their goals. This being one of the aspects of a Samurai, wanting nothing but to win and achieve their goals in battle.