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Aries – Feisty and Fiery

As the first sign in the Zodiac, an Aries’ presence always marks the start of something fun, exciting, and energetic. They continue to search for speed and competition. These people want to be the first in everything: from work and even social gatherings.

They are similar to the Samurai in some ways. Specifically, it’s because the warrior wants to be first and best in their field. Being known for their abilities and skills is an honor to them, and finding great competition is a must to hone and improve themselves. This trait is present in an Aries, because they only want to be the best in what they do.

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Aries Symbol

The ram is an Aries’ symbol which displays their determination, as well as their unstoppable and fiery energy. As a driven sign under the element, fire, they will move forward towards any obstacle and break this down at all costs.

People who are born under this sign are brave and are rarely afraid of trials and risks. They are brave enough to face challenges which is similar to the Samurai of the past. They possess a youthful energy and strength regardless of their age. With that, they are able to perform any kind of task, and they make sure to do it right.

Greatest Challenges

Just like every other sign, an Aries has their own collection of weaknesses. At times, they can become moody, while sometimes, they become impatient. This can lead them to their impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and short-temper.

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Aries and the Samurai

Most people born under Aries have a great desire to start things and make them happen. They are also brave enough to journey into unknown paths where they still emerge victorious no matter what. This bravery is like that of a Samurai who enters a battle, and aims to end it with his victory.

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Strength in Aries

To begin with, the Aries person’s strength would be their great courage. They are very well determined to complete all their tasks. Not only that, but they ensure to finish these with great and positive results. Aside from these, Aries people are also optimistic, passionate, enthusiastic, confident, and honest.

Like a Samurai warrior, they would never hide in a shell like a turtle since this is not living at all. To achieve fulfillment, one should have heroic courage and strength. These are aspects present in both the Samurai and an Aries. They know life’s risks, but continue living fully, completely, and admirably.

Both an Aries and Samurai known that heroic courage is not blind. They believe that this is being strong and intelligent.

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