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Leo – Courage and Strength

Leo is a zodiac born between the 23rd of July and 22nd of August. People under this sign are intelligent, bold, courageous, and warm. They are natural leaders who are ready to crush injustices. While they’re at it, the Leo will also make a name for themselves in the process.

These aspects of a Leo also characterize a true Samurai. They were immune and unfazed by death, and only feared dishonor. And as for motivation, their loyalty and justice to their lords is what drives them.

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Leo Symbol

The Leo is symbolized by the lion – a figure that displays confidence, radiance, and energy. The chief traits of a Leo include their great need for self-expression. They have a strong personality and great desire to be in the limelight. Just like the Samurai, a Leo’s flair for power allows them and their team to have their own spot on the stage.

Greatest Challenges

Leo’s wants to get things done fast, but their impatience often brings them anxiety. This attitude eventually leads the sign to disappointments and failures. Leos also tend to become self-centered, and would become harsh towards others at times. They forget to consider others’ feelings and end up hurting someone in the process.

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Leo and the Samurai

Courage is fixed on self-sacrifice, and this is common in both the Samurai and a Leo. The warrior-philosopher, Tsunemoto Yamamoto, states that the essence of Bushido is to die without fear or regrets.

Valour, courage, and bravery at this commitment level, even at the cost of their life, is a classic quality of a true Samurai. For a Leo, their commitment to the things they love and believe in are just as high. And they would do anything to protect these.

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Courage in Leo

People born under the sign of Leo are strong and fearless. This is also the trait of a Samurai warrior heading out into battle. Like the Samurai, they are not only powerful, but are also very dignified. Leos avoid committing a lot of pratfalls to achieve their goals.

Leos lead the charge just like a Samurai would on the battlefield. Yet despite their strength, power, and courage, the sign is warm-hearted and caring. They also want everyone to be happy.

In the Samurai Bushido, it distinguishes courage and bravery. These are things that every Samurai adheres to, and so does a Leo.

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