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Sagittarius – Strong-willed and Independent

The Sagittarius zodiac belong to those who were born between 22nd November and 21st December, and are always in search for knowledge. They are the last fire sign in the zodiac, and they are the ones who have tons of pursuits like blazing arrows. People under this sign enjoy chasing after intellectual, geographical, and spiritual adventures.

This sign is similar to the Samurai who always sought for knowledge to enhance themselves. In fact, these warriors acquired a lot of knowledge and information through training. It allowed them to rise to power via their martial abilities.

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Sagittarius Symbol

The Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur or Archer while its sign is depicted as an arrow that points upwards. This sign always aims high for great philosophy in life while having an optimistic attitude.

Energetic and very curious, this is what leads the Sagittarius to become avid travelers. Their philosophical views and open mind urge them to wander in search of life’s true meaning. People under the sign can transform their ideas into concrete actions. Plus, they will do anything to reach their goals.

Greatest Challenges

Sagittarians are blunt, but their honesty doesn’t always come out nice. They are people known to bruise feelings with their honesty which is something they should fix. A Sagittarius needs to cultivate patience, and try to not come off as a know it all. Due to their honesty, a Sagittarius often comes off as tactless and impatient. This is evident when they need to say something.

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Sagittarius and the Samurai

The Samurai philosopher Yamamoto Tsuneto stated that death is the core of Bushido. Bravery, valor, and courage with full commitment was a classic quality of the Samurai. The Samurai was courageous in everything they do, even if it would cost one’s life. Like a Sagittarius, their courage is undeniably great.

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Valor in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is strong-willed and independent. Their personality is all about going off the usual path. These people are not afraid to step away from the norm, and they’re natural born leaders who aim for what they want. Their courage is basically rooted in self-sacrifice, and this aspect is like that of a Samurai. Similar to the warriors, the Sagittarius are brave to face any challenges given to them.

Aside from being brave, the Sagittarius was also honest. Truthfulness embodies two different qualities: these are dependability and honesty. A person’s words has great value to others, and the Sagittarius, like the Samurai warrior, speak only the truth all the time.

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