Statues are free-standing art pieces and forms that are usually depicted as full-length and realistic figures of various themes. These include animals and people.

Non-representational pieces are cast or carved in durable materials like stone, wood, or metal.

Sculptures are things that you can touch and live with. Because of that, it’s one of the most sensual art forms available.

If you’re finding new ways to revamp your living space, why not display some of our statues from Samurai Land? This way, you can add height or texture to your home, and make things feel brand new again.


Sengoku Warring States Era statues and armor reproductions produced by Kensin are the world’s only accurately created figures and items based on extensive historical background research. This is the major point-of-differentation from items sold by other companies. Kensin statues and products know of no other equal.

Purpose of Statues

One of the most common reasons for the creation of statues is somewhat connected to religion. Cult images are often seen in a number of cultures. However, they aren’t like the usual gigantic statues of deities.

The actual cult pieces found in the inner portion of surviving Egyptian temples’ sanctuaries, were evidently small. Even in the largest temples, their statues were smaller as well.

Sculptures as Personal Possessions

Little statues as personal possessions were present since the earliest prehistoric times. However, huge sculptures as public art forms date all the way back to the time of the Great Sphinx. It was around 4,500 years in the past.

Statues as personal possessions are essential since they can teach us about history. These pieces symbolize certain historical ideas that occurred in the past, and were captured and portrayed through the statues.

Why It’s Good to Display Statues

When you’re designing or redecorating your home, adding statues can do wonders to enhance your space. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or work area, having such pieces can add more charm to your entire display.

If you prefer having a modern and clean-looking interior, it’s best to go for wall sculptures. These pieces are the best way to add more contrasting dimensions, colors, and textures to your interiors. Of course, this is while keeping your flooring and furniture uncluttered.

Another reason why it’s great to display statues is because they’re pleasing to the eyes. If it’s a favorite piece of yours, observing them can be relaxing and fulfilling in some ways.

Statues from Samurai Land

Here at Samurai Land, we offer different kinds of statues. If you’re a fan of Japan’s history and the Samurai warriors, check out our historical Samurai statues.

Ancient Samurai Warriors

If you’re interested in the Sengoku period, you’ll definitely love our Statue of Oda Nobunaga Riding on a Horse. You’ll also find other famous warriors like Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Kuroda Nagamasa, II Naomasa, and Uesugi Kenshin.

Premium Collection

You can also take a look at our Premium Collection for more Samurai-themed figurines and statues. We offer laser crystal figurines featuring the characters from “Samurai Animals”, a saga of the twelve zodiacs.

For sculptures that will bring positive energy and harmony in your home, our Japanese Buddhism statues are perfect choices. Buddha is a religious icon that is known to symbolize inner peace. With that, even those who are not Buddhists also display a Buddha statue in their homes.

Moreover, we have accurate 3D models of Mount Fuji that greatly replicates the mountain.