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Historical Samurai Statues

The Japanese Samurai warriors of ancient Japan were known for their bravery, strength, skills, and honor. Because of their characteristics and traits, people of today still look up to these warriors and want to have more of them.

Until this day and age, these warriors of the past continue to grow popular among many. With that, lots of enthusiasts and collectors strive to find products that are related to them.

In Samurai Land, we offer a wide collection of historical Samurai statues of the most prominent warriors of feudal Japan.

Historical Samurai Statues

Sanada Yukimura Statue


History of Sculptures

For centuries, people have relied on using statues and sculptures. It’s also believed that the very first pieces created were in a bid to aid people during their hunts.

Over time, the utilization of these pieces evolved. By the beginning of civilization, people used such statues to represent the gods. As time passed, the use of statues expanded to honor individuals for their great work in communities.

Today, modern sculptors and creators borrow ancient methods in creating beautiful statues. Just like our pieces in Samurai Land, our statues are finely made using the best processes of creation.

With these tricks, we were able to produce Samurai statues with enhanced beauty and appeal. Plus, the emotions, aesthetics, and reality of that particular moment can be seen through these gorgeous works of art.

Reasons to Have Statues

Having pieces of great art in your home can do wonders in enhancing and beautifying your space. Samurai enthusiasts or collectors who love the aesthetics of ancient Japan, need to have such pieces in their homes. So if you’re one of them, then our Samurai statues will definitely delight you in so many ways.

Sculptures in your home add more depth and charm to your space. It somehow acts as a break to the common decorative elements.

A good example is our Statue of Uesugi Kenshin in Kawanakajima Battle. The statue is reminiscent of the warrior’s intense battle during Japan’s warring period.

This piece can make for a great centerpiece in your living room. It’ll attract the attention of people because of its grandiose and accurate details.

Another good reason to have statues in your home is because they make a statement. Even if your interiors are on the minimalist side, having one amazing statue can make a huge difference.

Samurai Land Historical Statues

Here in Samurai Land, we have a wide selection of historical Samurai statues that you can include in your collection. We have pieces from well-known warlords like Kuroda Nagamasa, Nobunaga Oda, Date Masamune, and a lot more.

We also have a premium collection of other historical pieces. Most of these are more intricate pieces of the warlords riding their war horses and the like.

Samurai Land Art Pieces

To add more charm and style to your home, you can also include some great art prints from our shop.

Samurai Land offers an amazing set of beautiful art prints that also feature the Japanese culture and warriors. You can go for pieces like the Japanese Castle Landscape, Mount Fuji, Samurai Fight Bamboo Forest, and a lot more.