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Japanese Buddhism Art

Buddhist art is a popular artistic practice that is mainly influenced by Buddhism. It includes art media that exhibit bodhisattvas, Buddha, and other entities.

If you’re someone who is also influenced by this aesthetic, Samurai Land offers pieces just for you.

Here, we have a collection of finely-made Japanese Buddhism art. You can incorporate these into your home, giving your space a beautiful and spiritual ambiance.

Classic Buddhism Art

The classic Buddhism art pieces include notable Buddhist figurines. These are both mythical and historical pieces, narrative scenes, mandalas, as well as other graphic elements.

The classic Buddhism artistry also includes various physical objects linked to Buddhist practice. These include bells, vajras, stupas, and architecture of the Buddhist temple.

History of Japanese Buddhist Art

Buddhist art came all the way from the Indian subcontinent. It followed the life and history of Siddhartha Gautama. Afterwards, it evolved by reaching other cultures while spreading through different parts of Asia and the world.

Buddhism played a vital role when it comes to the development of the Japanese culture. Both Buddhist religious thought and art came to Japan from China and through Korea.

The art was encouraged by the crown prince, Shoutoku during the Suiko period of Japan. It was also influenced by Emperor Shoumu of the Nara period.

In the early Heian era, Budhhist architecture and art highly affected classic Shinto arts as well as Buddhist paintings. Eventually, these became decorative pieces among the wealthy Japanese.

Acala in Buddhist Artistry and Samurai Land

Acala can constantly be seen in Buddhist art since the Heian era. Acala or Achala is a dharmapala – protector of the Dharma. In Japan’s Heian period, Acala’s depicted as an angry-faced being holding a Vajra sword and lariat.

Later representations of Acala used by the Yamabushi featured him with two fangs. One pointed up and the other pointed down.

Here in Samurai Land, we have an awesome Statue of Acala – (Fudou myo-o) that you can display as a centerpiece in your home or office.

Displaying Buddha Statues in Your Living Space

Because of the harmony, peace, and greatness that it brings, it’s common to find Buddha statues in one’s home.

If you’re someone who loves such aesthetics, you likely have or want Buddha statues decorating your space. The element improves your home’s aesthetics and improves the area’s tranquility.

When you display a Buddha statue or any Buddhism art piece in your home, you can better attain good vibes. Also, a lot of people claim that by displaying such statues and art may bring good luck to your space.

Buddhist Art from Samurai Land

Here at Samurai Land, we have a gorgeous selection of Japanese Buddhism art and sculptures that you can choose from.

Another one of our pieces is the Kaminarimon Gate Model. It is the outer portion of two huge entrance gates. It leads to the Buddhist temple named Sensou Ji in Asakusa, Tokyo Japan.

Our fine reproduction of art pieces are designed to bring both the charm and beauty of Asian art. It also brings a sense of peace and calmness throughout your home.