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Premium Collection

Samurai Land is a shop that offers a variety of Samurai-themed products. Here, we offer a collection of amazing items that range from clothing, accessories, home decor, to stunning Samurai figurines.

For enthusiasts, we offer a premium collection of gorgeous sculptures and figurines. They’re great for decorating your home and using them as a centerpiece for your space.

With our premium collection, you can easily replicate the seamless flow of charm and design in your home. And, you don’t need to have any professional decorating skills or knowledge to achieve this.

The Traditional Figurines and Statues

These pieces have been produced in a lot of cultures, dating all the way back to prehistory until today. It’s said that the oldest known statue dates all the way back 30,000 years in the past.

Generally, statues and figurines represent a variety of themes. These include people, animals, and even mythical beings.

Here at Samurai Land, we’re proud and happy to offer a variety of quality-made Japanese and Samurai warrior pieces. All of these are fine works that need to be included in every enthusiast’s collection of Asian art.

Our premium collection of figurines are some of the best and most notable displays you can own. It’s a great way to add a touch of the Japanese theme and ambiance to your home.

Why You Should Display Figurines at Home

When you think about it, statues and the like, can teach us about history. However, you should know that they do not display a few immutable truths and realities from the past.

Instead, these pieces are symbolic elements of the fixed ideas about their past. These are then captured at that specific point in time, then featured as these stunning figures.

Here at Samurai Land, we have our Kensei – For Honor 1/4 Scale Figurine. It’s one of the pieces included in our premium collection.

It’s a ¼ scale figure of a strong and honorable warrior of a game called “For Honor – Kensei”.

A Representation of Society

Sculptures, figurines, and statues represent a ton of aspects in society, making them great for symbolisms. Some examples are wild animals or elements that depict people’s way of living.

These pieces are a reminder of what things were, what was, and what could’ve been. Hence, these pieces are crucial in our lives.

Aside from representations, these pieces also serve as aspects that add beauty to our surroundings.

Samurai Land’s Premium Collection

Here at Samurai Land, we offer premium statues and figurines that you can display in your home. All of these are made from the best materials and are crafted with care to produce high-quality figures.

Aside from being excellent display pieces, our statues and figurines in our premium collection make perfect gifts for loved ones. Our Samurai Animals crystal figurines like the Premium Laser Crystal Figurine – Hanzo are perfect presents for all occasions.

Our Samurai Animals statues represent the Chinese zodiac. Each of these have symbolic meanings which will definitely catch anyone’s attention.

Other than the products from our premium collection, we also offer Samurai statues, Buddha statues, as well as art prints. With our wide selection of home decor, you’ll definitely find the perfect piece to beautify your home.