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Aquarius – Hoodies

Practical and comfortable pieces like hoodies give off a fine streetwear vibe. If you’re an Aquarius who loves this look and wants to show off your sign, we’ve got your back.

Samurai Land offers a fine selection of pull over Aquarius hoodies with a design that depicts your sign. It’s also great for Samurai-lovers since the design incorporates this aesthetic.

No matter what your OOTD is, our hoodies can make for an excellent compliment to your layered look. Or, you can even wear it solo.

Throughout the years, everyone fell in love with the hoodie fashion. Today, they’re part of almost everyone’s closet. Our pieces aren’t plain and simple. They’re stylish, cool, and incorporate your zodiac together with the Samurai vibes.

Aquarius’ Style

When it comes to an Aquarius’ style, you’re often a free spirit who wears whatever you want, whenever you want. You can go for something whimsical, weird, unique, distinct, smart, or simple.

For the usual laid-back, relaxed, and street-wear style, you’ll definitely love our Aquarius hoodies for casual days out. You can easily match them with any type of jeans/pants, and you can even match them with cool shorts.

If you want something a bit oversized and vibrant, go for our Aquarius pull over hoodie with silver mask.

Aquarius Hoodies from Samurai Land

Our Aquarius hoodie features a front printed design of the zodiac. It also features a Samurai Japanese mask which is great for enthusiasts.

The style is perfect for people who want to dress quickly without having to bother with zippers and the like. Our Aquarius hoodies are easy to wear, plus, they’re extremely comfortable as well.

For convenience our Aquarius hoodies sport side pockets, which is great for warming up your hands.

The design print is found in front of the hoodie. It’s different from Samurai Land’s zip up hoodies that feature the print on its back.

For the pull overs, available colors include Candy Pink, White, Dark Grey, Claret Red, Khaki, and more.