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Capricorn – Cushions

Dress your beds and sofas with Samurai Land’s eye-catching Capricorn cushions. They’re perfect for when you love anything related to your zodiac and the vibes of a Japanese Samurai.

You can choose from black or white cushions with differently colored aesthetics. The design of our cushions is the Capricorn with Mask and these vary in different shades of choice. Go for the cushion with Red Mask or one with the Purple Mask.

No matter what color you choose, Samurai Land’s Capricorn cushions will look good in your home. They’ll even blend perfectly if the aesthetics of your interiors are Zen-based and the like.

Samurai Land’s Capricorn Cushions

Our Capricorn cushions are cozy, soft, stylish, while keeping everything comfy. They’re pleasing to the eyes and make for excellent decorative pieces in your home.

These cushions are an extremely affordable way to enhance the looks and ambiance of your space. The designs depict your zodiac while incorporating the aesthetics of a Japanese Samurai. It’s the ideal aesthetic for someone who loves both astrology and the warriors.

So go for one of our well-made cushions that you’ll surely love.

Our cushions come in black or white shades and you can choose from a 40×40 or 50×50 size. Colors that you can choose from include blue, yellow, brown, green, and more.

Decorate with Class and Style

Other than our Capricorn zodiac cushions, you can also add more cool decor to your home.

Add a more Japanese-Samurai feel to your space incorporating Samurai Land’s other available home decor. We have a collection of beautiful art prints that you can hang on your wall. Or, opt for amazing Samurai figurines that can be an excellent centerpiece in your area.

Samurai figurines that we have include pieces of Masamune Date, Nobunaga Oda, Yukimura Sanada, and other popular warlords from history.

For the art prints, you can find Japanese cultural landscapes with Tori gates or even Mount Fuji, a Samurai warrior’s silhouette, and more.