Kensei – For Honor 1/4 Scale Figurine


This is a statue of the Kensei or the master of swordsmanship. He fights with a Nodachi, which is a long, deadly blade. Its armor and costume is completely detailed. This product is a ¼ scale figure that is based on the leading character in “For Honor: Kensei”, which is a multiplayer video game by Ubisoft Entertainment.

The Kensei is an honorary title of the Japanese, and the term translates to “sword saint”. Only warriors of great swordsmanship skills earn this title. It is also a term that some people use to imply a higher level of perfection than the commonly used “Kengo” which means “great sword”.

Everyone aspired to be the Kensei since they were the living incarnate of the Bushido. The Kensei was ready to meet death for their emperor and their comrades. The called sword saint fought with the deadliest blade.