Oda Nobunaga Riding on Horse – Red Mantle Version


This Classic Historical Statue is modeled after Oda Nobunaga and will remind you of the Battle of Nagashino. The statue features a Tanegashima on the right side of horse. This shows that Nobunaga took advantage of the power of firearms during the Sengoku Period. This is also the latest type of firearms used during the era.

This statue features Oda Nobunaga in his favorite Nanban Kabuto. You will also find the colors black, gold, and red which represent the unique beauty of the Sengoku Period. Skilled craftsmen imitate the cold expression of Oda Nobunaga. With their professional abilities, they were able to recreate the details of the Kusazuri or thigh protector and Douate or chest armor.

For its measurements, this figurine of Nobunaga Oda has a depth of 80 millimeters, a width of 105 millimeters, and a height of 145 millimeters. Overall, it weighs approximately 500 grams.

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