The Water Elements

Water is an element linked to the three different signs of the zodiac. These are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Like water, they can be refreshing; alternatively, they can be ruthless and drown you in the depths. People who are born under the water signs are those who often have intense dreams. In addition, they have this borderline psychic intuition that rarely misses.

One vital point for them is security. After all, water requires a form of container that will keep them from drying up and vanishing.


The people born from the 21st of June to the 22nd of July are those under the zodiac, Cancer. They are very sentimental and intuitive, and can be among the most challenging signs to get to know.


Scorpio is the 8th sign of the astrological zodiac. People born between the 23rd of October and 22nd of November are under this sign.


From the 19th of February to the 20th of March is the time of Pisces. This is the last sign of the Zodiac, and are people known for their great wisdom.

Characteristics of the Water People

The signs under Water are intuitive, ultra-sensitive, and emotional. And quite interesting as it may sound, they can be as mysterious and intriguing as the ocean. People who were born under this element have a higher awareness of others’ emotions.

People under the water signs are often dreamy, imaginative, and at times, they can be more impulsive than logical.

Pursuing creative careers is not something unusual for people under this element. Such careers include design, fine arts, fiction and writing. There are instances when they even utilize their psychic gifts. Often, their occupations would be sketching their clients’ spirit guides or angels.


Water Cancer

Cancer expresses water to reach for emotional security. They use this to protect and nurture those they are very much connected to. Because these people love with the Moon’s energy, Cancer shows their love to others in a different way. They tend to your necessities for food, care, warmth, and even a place to sleep.

Cancers are very sensitive and emotional. They have a deep and great concern for matters relating to their family and home.

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Water Scorpio

Scorpio displays the water element in a way that boosts the intensity of emotional power. These people are controlling and passionate, analytical and know exactly what they want. However, they sometimes choose the tricky ways of completing their goals.

Like water, Scorpios have an intricate nature: they are both sensible and authoritative. They tend to be intuitive yet can sometimes become stubborn. People under this sign should not be taken lightly. It is because they are serious to learn everything about others. Scorpios concern themselves with the beginnings and endings. They are also unafraid of either.  

Scorpio’s are curious at all times, and are experts at probing. Hence, making them excellent in getting to the bottom of things. With that, they have a high sense of intuition which helps them a lot.

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Water Pisces

Without any walls, Pisces bonds themselves emotionally whenever they become exposed. This is the source of their reputation for being compassionate. It is also their escape from reality. They tend to feel anything and everything. Pisces are considered as psychic sponges that usually need some alone time. It lets them release the load and collect themselves.

Pisces will exhibit the water element by reaching out with their sincerest empathy. They share their healing to anyone and everything that suffers.

As signs born under the influence of the planet, Uranus, they can, at times, become martyrs. However, this is for them to catch the attention. A common trait among Pisces people is that they are never judgmental of others. Often, these people are forgiving.

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Creative and Artistic Sides of the Water Elements

If there is one thing certain about the water signs, it’s that they have a unique way of seeing the world. This perspective, together with their intense imagination, often makes them gifted individuals. They are great musicians, writers, and anything else that involves creativity.

The water sign’s feeling of distinct experience leads them into the arts. Some of them even find a release from their own personal issues when they can express these as universal.

As actors, writers, and more, they can help others make sense of human experiences. Water signs have the ability to give mundane moments an emotional meaning.

Like a Wave…

Being deep, intuitive, merciful, and even mysterious at times, the Samurai can reflect some characteristics of the Water signs.


A virtue of the Bushido is “Benevolence” or “Mercy”. The Japanese term “Jin” translates to these words, and it means compassion and kindness. Here, the Samurai, regardless of the status, must show kindness and compassion to all. Despite being able to kill and command, these warriors showed both benevolence and mercy.

Benevolence is the will to do good to other people. As for goodwill and charitableness, it’s to fill oneself with benevolence towards others. This virtue of the Samurai Bushido reflects the character of a Water sign. Even if they can do as they please, they still maintain their kindness, no matter the situation.