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Cancer – Thoughtfulness

The fourth sign of the twelve Zodiacs is Cancer. Its cycle is during Cancer season, at the beginning of summer. This falls from June 21st and ends at July 22nd. Cancers possess high intuition and psychic abilities. They can pick up energies of a room with no effort.

Those under the sign possess strong intuition and emotional intelligence. They are intelligent, sociable, and are able to relate with others in diplomatic ways. These traits allowed the Samurai to cooperate with a group which was necessary especially in battles.

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Cancer Symbol

Cancer is a cardinal water sign exhibited by the crab. And like the oceanic crustacean, individuals graced by this sign can exist freely. This is both in the emotional and material zones. Like the crab, Cancers also have a strong, impenetrable shell. Yet, their underside is their unprotected weak point. This symbolizes the emotional side of a Cancer individual.

Like Cancer, a tough and gentle side is present within the virtues of the Samurai Bushido. It’s said that the strictness of rectitude can be a contrast to the tenderness of compassion and benevolence of a Samurai.

Greatest Challenges

Cancer individuals are well known for being very sensitive. They easily get hurt and often tend to brood. Despite that, this makes sympathizing to others easier for them. They are also quick when it comes to showing their affection.

In times of stress, their intuition becomes helpful. The Cancer individuals are able to pick up things and take them in. Yet this is something that makes them either sentimental or possessive.

It is a need for Cancers to control their selfishness and self-pity. This is because these behaviors do not help them in any way.

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Cancer and the Samurai

One of the Samurai bushido virtues is called “Chugi”, it represents loyalty and trust, Samurai were famous for their great loyalty and respect, so much that they were willing to die for loyalty and protection of their closed one.

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Loyalty in Cancer

Cancer’s loyalty is incredible. Their loyalty is comparable to that of the Samurai. Since the Bushido or the Way of the Warrior governed, Samurai had to be completely loyal to their masters. This meant that they had to serve him until death, and they should be ready to die if it meant to protect him.

Though Cancer would not serve until their death, they would do everything to display their loyalty towards their loved ones and superiors. Another virtue that both Cancers and the Samurai have is benevolence. Both seek great opportunities to utilize their powers and skills for the greater good.

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