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Pisces – Intuition and Compassion

Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac. They are spiritual, selfless, and focused on their inner journeys. Like the Samurai, the Pisces people desire doing good to others: charitableness and goodwill. They love being filled and showing compassion towards others in every possible way.

Pisces people are those who born between 19th February to 20th March and they put great weight on what they feel since feelings define this sign. It isn’t uncommon for a Pisces to feel their burdens, and they also feel that of others.

These people have a highly evolved sense of intuition which is something present in a true Samurai warrior.

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Pisces Symbol

The sign is being represented by two fish connected to each other. Yet the fish swim in opposite directions which represents the sign’s duality. Pisces are often claimed to be living in two different worlds. One world being reality, while the other is a world of fantasy. This symbol is usually associated with the circle of life and religion. The fish envelopes the link of evolution of humans.

Greatest Challenges

Pisces are intuitive and sensitive. They can easily get overwhelmed by crowds or environments that are over stimulating. Often, it’s tricky to pin the Pisces down since they’re keen on moving from one place to another. This is because they need some downtime for themselves. The Pisces-born is a sign considered as flaky due to how they come in and out of one’s life. When they surface, they make magical and charming friends. This is true since they view life in a brilliant manner. Yet these fantasy-induced people need to keep one foot on the ground.

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Pisces and the Samurai

Benevolence and mercy is present in a Pisces-born person. These traits are also seen in a Samurai warrior since it is an important virtue of the Bushido. An example of this is with a person who has the power to command, direct, and kill. This person should demonstrate equal extraordinary powers of mercy and benevolence, no matter the situation.Both the Samurai and a Pisces have great yet equal amount of compassion and kindness. They ensure that these traits are practiced at all times.

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Benevolence in Pisces

Like the Samurai, Pisces search for chances to use their power for the greater good. They understand other’s pain and desire to help in any way.

A Pisces is compassionate, empathic, and absorbing. Plus, they reflect the feelings of others they connect with. Their traits are being charitable and compassionate. This allows them to immediately put other’s needs before theirs. This type of self-sacrifice is what keeps the Pisces-born people going.

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