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Scorpio – Mysteriousness

Scorpio is the zodiac for those who were born between 23rd October to 21st November, the Scorpio’s are known for their cool and relaxed behavior. Some Scorpios appear fierce yet are outstanding leaders due to their great dedication. These are characteristics present in a Samurai warrior: being outstanding and dedicated leaders who have great instincts. Like the Scorpio, they can also make the right choices at the right time which is due to their intuitiveness.

Those born under this sign are passionate and pleasant. Yet they are not immature and careless in any way. They tend to be well-balanced and on the mature side. With that, keeping this sign company can be an interesting treat. Scorpio-born people are often led by instincts.This sign is quite intuitive, hence, can read the minds of others with ease.

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Scorpio Symbol

The symbol of the Scorpio is the scorpion. Those born under the zodiac have their lives and destiny under their control. They know what they desire and aim for it. Once they promote their agenda, they ensure that everything moves and goes forward. Scorpios have faith and conviction in themselves, like the Samurai who were said to possess such qualities and traits. These warriors had great confidence that they believed and knew that they were able to accomplish anything. Same goes for the Scorpio-born people.

Greatest Challenges

One thing that this sign hates is dishonesty. And at times, they tend to be very jealous and suspicious. This sign needs to learn how to adapt more to the different behaviors of people. Despite this, they are brave and make a lot of genuine friends.

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Scorpio and the Samurai

Among the best traits of the Scorpio is honesty. They are able to align their words to reality, applying this to themselves and with others. Like with the Samurai, they must be honest with everyone they work with to attain to the Bushido. With that, the Samurai are trustworthy, and so are those born under Scorpio. They will remain by your side if they promised that they would.

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Honesty in Scorpio

Scorpios are the signs known for being strong leaders with intense personalities. They are determined thanks to their great devotion. Plus, they have the ability to see through things to the end.

Their powerful energy and ideas allow them to succeed on a larger scale. Fairness and honesty are two qualities that make this sign a great individual. People born under Scorpio are very loyal and dedicated when it comes to working.

Aside from honesty, the Scorpio and Samurai are both respectful. They know when and how to utilize their skills wisely. And since they both have great respect and wisdom, they live their lives effectively.

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